Legal Notice

By the 29.08.2005 (BGBI. I S. 2570) law, according to the extended scope of the Theraputic Medication law; It is illegal to display before and after treatment/operation images belong to the patient for the purpose of advertising.

For this reason we cannot offer pre-operative / post-operative photographs on our web site.
All articles and images on our site consist of other sources relating to the subject. The site contains information about “hair transplantation  and its methods, breast aesthetics, 3 dimensional repairs” fort he purpose of informing visitors. This site was prepared to inform you, our valuable guests and provides online health services.

The information here should not be used in the analysis and treatment of people. The results of using the contents of the site for analysis and treatment purposes  is completely the responsibilty of the visitor and user. People visiting this site are considered to have accepted these notices.
Medical information, performed analysis and treatment equipment are rapidly changing in a prallel manner with the advancements in technology. Information, methods or equipment may be abandoned in a very short period of time. However there may be methods bring the same results in medicine with different techniques and information and  different procedures. The doctors personal experience and capabilites are a decisive factor in analysis and treatment. Having different opinions about the same subject is possible. We place great emphasis on updating the information and content of our webiste on a regular bases, however the visitor must check every information by consulting his doctor. Performing the surgical operations mentioned on our site are performed in hospitals or surgical center branches determined by law. Best regards.