Facial Care


Powerful cleansing effect for the stratum corneum: eliminates dead skin cells, makeup residues, excess sebum, and purifies rough skin texture.

Deep cleansing effect: transmits micro-vibrations to the deep skin layer where accumulated melanin settles, breaks down melanin, and lifts it to the skin surface, effectively eliminating melanin.


Function to cleanse skin flakes: removes dead corneal cells, blackheads, excess sebum, toxic materials, and bacteria, erases superficial lines, and stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells.

Preliminary step before primary skin application: preparatory stage for effective nutrients or active ingredients to penetrate.


Tightening function: the cause of wrinkles and non-elastic skin is aging of the muscle in the lower part of the skin. Once the muscle is stimulated with gentle current, the firming function of Ionto…son restores elasticity to the skin.

Massage function: provides a micro-massage effect through microcurrent.

Renewal function: Encourages the formation of new collagen and cell renewal by firming connective tissues and increasing ATP formation, enhancing cell nutrition and skin renewal.


Phonophoresis (effect): ultrasound effect for effective substances like ampoules, creams, serums, etc., to penetrate from the barrier area to the skin.

Vitamin absorption: Vitamin program particularly focuses on helping vitamin products like vitamin ampoules, creams, serums, etc., penetrate before applying in ultrasound mode.


Skin condition, relevant products, and effect

  • Skin condition: oily, combination, or acne-prone skin
  • Products: Hamamelis, Vitamin B, Acne ampoule, and ionized ampoules
  • Effect: Tightens skin pores, reduces sebum, and prevents acne.


Skin condition, relevant products, and effect

  • Skin condition: pigmented, aged, and dry skin
  • Products: Ionized ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), rejuvenating ampoule, hyaluronic acid, and ionized ampoules
  • Effect: Lightens pigmentation and freckles, improves superficial wrinkles, enhances skin elasticity, and strengthens moisture.


Skin condition, relevant products, and effect


  • Skin condition: pigmented, tired skin, or requiring brightening
  • Products: Ionized ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
  • Effect: Brightens skin texture, (-) ion program allows absorption of Vitamin C ion, but this program is suitable only for Vitamin C ion. For optimal results, alternating between (+) and (-) ions should be applied regularly within minutes.


Skin condition, relevant products, and effect


  • Skin condition: loose and aged skin or scalp
  • Products: Ionized nourishing ampoules
  • Effect: By using (+) and (-) currents, it imparts elasticity to the skin by stimulating muscles and skin tissues. For scalp care, use the Y-type probe. Revitalizes hair roots and gives vitality to the hair.
  • Facial tightening (following muscle tissue)
  • Scalp tightening (sectioning hair for treatment)


Purpose: Used in all wrinkle applications to recover and stimulate collagen and elastin, balance skin metabolism.


Purpose: To treat acne and strengthen blood and lymph circulation.


Purpose: Focused on ultrasonic chemical effects, couperose treatment aims at skin renewal and strengthening blood vessels.


Purpose: Using ultrasound vibration to allow effective substances to penetrate the skin, aiding skin renewal, suitable for all skin types.