Patient-Specific Implants

We are at your service with our unique patient-specific production technology, entirely developed to achieve three-dimensional, aesthetic, and functional results with individually tailored implants and prostheses (jaw, face, cranial, and finger joint prostheses), based on osseointegration and biocompatibility.


With our developed technology, you can now achieve more effective solutions in a shorter time, both functionally and aesthetically, for your patient without creating additional morbidity.


Prostheses and implants prepared in perfect harmony with the responsible area of the patient using our technology ensure seamless reconstruction where necessary, with textured surface structures and biocompatible materials.


With our implants entirely made of tissue-compatible and non-toxic materials, performing a half-hour operation without using other tissues in your patient is now possible.


Simply provide us with your patient’s single-plane (Axial, coronal, or sagittal) CT (Computerized Tomography) images at 0.5 mm intervals on a CD or through our website (via our FTP server).


Our implants are made of titanium, silicone, cobalt-chromium, our proprietary acrylic-based material, and glass ceramic materials.


Titanium and cobalt-chromium materials will be delivered sterile within 1 week (7 days), while other materials will be delivered within 3-5 days.