Skin Care

Our preferred products are from Mesoestetic, one of Europe’s finest dermocosmetic product lines.

Before any skin care procedure, a thorough skin assessment is conducted. Factors such as your skin type, level of damage, existing issues, and age are taken into account to determine the appropriate skin care products and create a personalized skin care regimen for you. With the exclusive advantage of Mesoestetic products, our skincare specialists conduct your treatment. The purpose of skincare is to cleanse pores, provide oxygen to the skin, impart radiance, vitality, freshness, and facilitate lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins. Creating a lasting, protective, and nourishing layer on your skin aims to prevent wrinkle formation and achieve a younger, firmer complexion. The duration of the skincare procedure ranges from 45 to 90 minutes based on the specifics of the treatment.

Key Points in Skin Diagnosis

Skin oiliness:

  1. Is the skin shiny or matte?
  2. Is there flakiness on the skin?

Pore condition:

  1. Are pores enlarged?
  2. Are pores clogged?
  3. Are pores medium-sized?


Skin moisture:


  1. Is the skin lacking moisture?
  2. Is moisture level normal?
  3. Is there a tendency towards dehydration?


Skin texture:

  1. Formation of wrinkles
  2. Elasticity
  3. Muscle tension
  4. Pigmentation

Skin disorders:

  1. Comedones (blackheads)
  2. Acne
  3. Sebaceous cysts
  4. Skin inflammations