Vacuum Therapy

At our center, we utilize the 3rd Generation BHS 302 Vacuum Therapy Device.

As vacuum therapy typically focuses on women’s concerns over the hips, thighs, and calves, the primary objective of Vacuum Therapy applications is to firm the body, revive sagging areas, accelerate metabolism, tone localized areas with fat accumulation, improve skin texture, and contribute to body contouring through applied pressure.


Programs recommended for sagging buttocks, protruding hips, waist thickness, inner thigh laxity, and abdominal sagging can be applied two or three times a week, with 10-15 sessions based on individual needs.

Cellulite Treatment with Vacuum Therapy

Cellulite, regulated by hormones in women, manifests in varying degrees due to genetic differences, irrespective of weight problems. Its presence or absence in thin or overweight individuals is not a fixed rule.


Using the vacuum therapy device to mobilize irregularly located subcutaneous fat tissues and regulate circulation (lymphatic drainage) through a cylinder head makes it easier for these tissues to be eliminated. This technique does not remove fat but reduces the rippled appearance caused by adherent tissues.


Daily exercises help utilize the fat tissue surrounding muscles as energy and expel it from the body. However, cellulite tissue doesn’t vanish easily through exercise alone. Hence, the ideal solution involves a vacuum therapy device that combines massage and vacuum effects.

Purposes of Vacuum Therapy

  • For aesthetic purposes
  • To smoothen contours (in thin women with cellulite), lift sagging skin, increase lymphatic drainage post-plastic surgery (liposuction), ease edema resolution, and induce slimming in localized fat accumulations.
  • Different programs and attachments used for regaining body contours, tightening loose skin, and correcting skin irregularities will provide effective solutions.

Sessions typically last between 35-50 minutes, and the recommended number of sessions is 15-20.