When examining ear, nose, and eye epitheses, the difference made by 3D computer technology is immediately noticeable. The needed ear epithesis for the patient is produced as a mirror image of their intact ear, ensuring that the epithetic ear is indistinguishable from the natural one, thanks to this technology.

Similarly, nose and eye epitheses are prepared entirely with three-dimensional systems and industrial designer assistance, ensuring a perfect fit for the patient and appearing much more natural. This technology revolutionized epithesis production, ensuring maximum patient satisfaction in this field.

The design and construction work before applying the epithesis, facilitated by these computer technologies, are much more successful and faster, accelerating the adaptation process in patients after application.


Simply provide us with frontal and side-view photographs of your patient, along with single-plane (Axial, coronal, or sagittal) CT (Computerized Tomography) images at 0.5 mm intervals on a CD or through our website (via our FTP server).

Upon request, your patient’s epithesis model or the completed epithesis will be sent to you as desired.