Mesoestetic Skin Care

Hydra-Vital Factor K – Moisturizing Cream

This hydro nutritive cream for the face, neck, and décolleté maintains the skin’s smoothness and maximum elasticity. Through its efficient formula, it renews the hydro-lipidic mantle and neutralizes free radicals that contribute to premature aging. After use, a sensation of freshness and revitalization is experienced.


Key ingredients (hydroviton, Vitamin E, amniotic fluid, glycerin, and silicone oil) provide moisturization, preventing early oxidation of the skin and ensuring optimal nourishment.

Hydra Milk Cleanser / Leche limpiadora – Cleansing Milk

Gentle makeup remover


Effectively removes makeup while respecting the skin’s physiological balance by eliminating impurities.


Enriched with chamomile and glycerin-based oils, its rich formula moisturizes the skin with softening, soothing, protective, and calming properties, providing a pleasant sense of comfort.


After use, it is recommended to apply Hydratonic.

Hydratonic / Tonico Facial

Provides complete cleansing by tonifying and rinsing the skin, serving as a daily makeup removal routine. Alcohol-free.


Includes cucumber glycolic extract in its formula, providing a refreshing sensation to the skin, offering a distinct feeling of clarity. Rosewater acts as a moisturizer, preventing skin dryness. Alcohol-free to prevent dehydration. Due to its astringent effect, it leaves the skin smooth, even, and velvety, facilitating the absorption of skin creams.

Radiance Eye Lift

Developed as an integral treatment for the skin around the eyes, combating wrinkles associated with photoaging. Radiance Eye Lift defies time with its energizing formula based on primary active moisturizers, eliminating dark circles and puffiness to provide brightness and vitality to the eye contour.