Plastic Surgery / ENT

With our proprietary patient-specific manufacturing technology, we offer three-dimensional, aesthetic, and functional results using individually tailored implants and prosthetics (jaw, face, cranial, and finger joint prostheses) based on osseointegration and biocompatibility.


Our developed technology enables you to achieve more effective solutions, functionally and aesthetically, in a shorter time without adding extra morbidities to your patients. We ensure seamless reconstruction with textured surface structures and biocompatible materials precisely tailored to the responsible area of the patient.


Utilizing materials entirely compatible with tissues and devoid of toxic properties, our implants allow you to perform a half-hour operation without requiring other tissues from the patient.


Simply provide us with single-plane (Axial, coronal, or sagittal) CT (Computerized Tomography) images at 0.5 mm intervals either on a CD or through our website (via our FTP server).


Our implants are made from titanium, silicone, cobalt-chromium, our proprietary acrylic-based material, and glass ceramic materials.


Titanium and cobalt-chromium implants will be delivered sterilized within 1 week (7 days), while other materials will be delivered within 3-5 days.