General – Basic Anesthesia Pre/Post-Operation Guide

  • You should come to the operation on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating after 9:00 PM the night before the operation and avoid drinking water after midnight.


  • Vitamin E: Stop taking it one and a half weeks before the surgery due to its tendency to increase bleeding, as with Aspirin or medications containing Aspirin.


  • To expedite the recovery process, it’s recommended to:


  • Undergo routine tests at the hospital before the operation. Please inform in advance if you have any significant illnesses or complaints. Necessary tests and examinations should be done beforehand.


  • Take a shower the night before the operation.

On the Day of the Operation

  • Do not eat or drink anything.


  • Avoid using makeup products. Do not apply nail polish.
  • Leave valuables at home.
  • You may stay overnight at the hospital on the evening of the operation. Please bring necessary belongings.
  • Be at the hospital at the specified time.


  • If your doctor requests, bring the tests and examinations you’ve previously undergone.

After the Operation

  • Do not neglect to take all prescribed medications.
  • Schedule appointments for post-operation check-ups.
  • Stop taking Aspirin or medications containing Aspirin for two weeks following the surgery due to their tendency to increase bleeding.
  • Avoid smoking for two weeks.