General – Pre/Post-Operative Guide for Local Anesthesia


  • Arrive for the surgery on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating after 9:00 PM on the night before the operation and avoid drinking water after midnight.


  • Discontinue intake of Vitamin E, Aspirin, or medications containing Aspirin 1.5 weeks prior to the surgery as they can increase bleeding.


  • In preparation for a shorter recovery period, make arrangements about 2 weeks before the operation.


  • Routine tests will be conducted at the hospital before the operation. If you have any significant medical conditions or complaints, please inform us in advance. Necessary tests and checks should be done beforehand.


  • Take a shower the night before the operation.

On the Day of the Operation

  • Avoid eating or drinking anything.


  • Refrain from using makeup. Avoid applying nail polish.


  • Leave valuable items at home.


  • You may stay overnight at the hospital on the evening of the operation. Please bring necessary belongings.


  • Be at the hospital at the specified time.


  • Bring any test results or checks you’ve previously done if your doctor has requested them.


After the Operation

  • Ensure you take all prescribed medications.


  • Schedule follow-up appointments for post-operative check-ups.


  • Discontinue the use of Aspirin or medications containing Aspirin for 2 weeks following the operation, as they can increase bleeding.


  • Refrain from smoking for 2 weeks.